DIY Firepit

Due to a septic tank issue, we had to dig up part of our back deck.  That’s okay because I didn’t like that section and I really wanted a bigger firepit.

In less than 2 days, we managed to level the section, put down a bluestone patio, build a firepit, and fill it in with crushed stone.  For a two person crew, we managed quite a bit!  Most of the time was spent on leveling stones.  At one point, I worked half an hour on leveling one stone.  He and I are no longer in love, but I’m happy to step on him.

Lessons learned?  Pick a cooler day.  Double check the number of stones.  And don’t forget to have fun!

I am awaiting the official pit party!

Leveled pit. 12 inch stone with 36 inch pit ring
Bluestones are an economical option over flagstone.
3/8 crushed stone
Layer of Weedblock under the crushed stone


Yes it was dark when we finished…

Crushed stone from Hopkin’s  Allegan County Sand and Gravel.  $45 delivery charge, super friendly service = awesome!

Bluestone from Mulder’s Landscape Supplies in Kalamazoo.  $0.17 a pound, helpful personnel = perfect!


6 thoughts on “DIY Firepit”

  1. Fyi. Galvanized metal lets off a poisonous gas when it’s burned. That metal ring you chose is a really bad idea.

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