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Family Foodition



Our family has a food tradition, foodition.  Salt steak.  It is juicy, flavorful, and worth burning your fingers on when it is unwrapped.  My dad has the secret recipe of water to salt ratio and the secret to cooking the moist meat.  When the time comes for dad to unwrap and crack the salt, there is always a hungry group waiting for the first glimpse.  If you are lucky, you reach in for a quick pull and get to savor a hot out of the salt bite.  That is my favorite!  You get a bit of the salty crust and a mouthful of the butter soft meat.

After slicing, the meat is dipped into melted garlic salt butter.  Drooling yet?  Finally the meat is finished on a Freddy roll.  I have no idea who Freddy is, but the rolls, made by my SIL Robin, are soft and little pillows of heaven.  This recipe hopefully will one day be mine.

Someday I hope to work my way up to slicing duty.  After that, I hope I can prove my place in the family and take the reins on unwrapping duties.  Until then, I will quietly watch until I can swoop in and snag a piece of newly unwrapped delightfulness.

The roast is wrapped in a thick salt/water crust and tied around clean, old sheets. This sheet is courtesy of the early 80s.


Dig out the juicy, salty roast.

Drool over the roast. Slice. Eat!