Cooler Corn


No, not cooler as in temp, but as in your Coleman cooler.  For part of the summer I watched the facebook and Pinterest buzz on cooler corn.  A large family gathering was the perfect time to try it out.

The directions are simple.  A clean cooler.  Shucked corn. Boiling water.  Done.  That simple!  The corn stays hot for around 2 hours!  Enjoy.

Cooler corn:
cooler, shucked corn, boiling water

A great way to feed the masses!  Don’t forget to get a large coffee can filled with melted butter.  My Uncle Don did this and I still think it’s the best, not healthiest, but a great way to slather on the butter!

Cooler corn advice:  do not put cooler where curious kids will randomly walk by and check to see if the corn is “cooking”, check to see if your cooler is BPA free, and use a cooler with a solid lid (no quick can pick up).

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