For the love of…


When it comes to recent trip planning, we embrace the idea that “when an item is hot, we pounce” philosophy.  Spring Break was all about Legos.  2 of 3 kids build and destroy towns, homes, creations daily.  Our big summer get away was about the great outdoors; camping, boats, bridges, forts, and history.  Camping and chillaxing as my 6 year old says, is us in a nutshell.  For our last trip of the summer we wanted a vacation that interested all.  The Henry Ford Museum has the Titanic exhibit until the end of September.  Our oldest currently is obsessed with the chilling details of the maiden voyage.  The youngest, age 2, prefers anything that moves…planes, trains, and automobiles.  Good the Museum has a large display of all three and Greenfield Village adds moving trains, horses, and Model Ts.  Then there is our middle one, age 3 and easy going.  She loves hotels, pools, food, and adventure.  Where ever we go, she is happy and content.

A final summer hurrah for all in the history books.

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