That Kind of Day


Ever had one of those kind of days?  You do not want to cook, it is pouring buckets, stuck inside with a few kiddos, and just feeling blah.  We had that kind of day.  The playroom full of toys only held play for a short bit.  Fires were being put out left and right, it was beginning to look like the Civil War was marching through our living room.  And I was not going to put on a 2nd movie, much to the disappoint of movie lover E.  Did I mention that it was only 10:30 in the dreary morning?

So we cured the blues, blahs, and doused the war efforts with monster cookies, marshmallows, and hot cocoa.  The troops appeared to make truce, the skies lightened, and just for a bit, all were happy and content.

Sugary delights for lunch cured that kind of day.  Some days are like that.

That kind of day


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