Summer is a lot of togetherness for this crew.  Mama and Papa are both educators and use summer to recharge batteries, prepare for the next year, and/or take classes.  Not to mention family trips, bonding, and project time.  Some days it feels a little too together.

M is complaining that R keeps destroying his Lego creations.  E likes to “help” R make a fort in his room, but not pick it up.  And little R, well he just likes to undo what everyone else just did.  The callings of he did this, she said that seem endless.  Togetherness can take its toll on all.   Some days we, the parents, feel like we need a vacation from the daily chaos of it all.  My dear husband and I coax the children outside to release the steam only to be met with another round of battle cries.

Just when our cool is about to be lost, peace rains down.  And all seem happy and content with the togetherness.  Ahhh, I’ll drink it up.  While it lasts…


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