I Do


This weekend we hosted a beautiful backyard wedding ceremony.  My nephew and his new wife were giddy, smiling youngsters in love.  Every wedding is a fresh reminder of what Love is all about.  I cherish the vow perspective each wedding entails.  Remember your vows?

Nephew and his new wife exchanging vows.

What I remember and respect the most is “in sickness and in health”.  A few years into our marriage, my father-in-law was hospitalized with widespread cancer.  The outlook grim.  In his final few weeks, I learned to become a rock.  As my husband worked and drove 2 1/2 hours each day, I discovered a new inner strength to manage the household, field phone calls, and everything in between.  Together we entered each doctor session hand in hand.  As doctors talked, note taking became my support.  Emotionally spent, the notes helped keep us focused and piece together the time remaining.  Our love found a new layer.  I do.

Shortly after his passing, we began our infertility journey.  Infertility like “in sickness” tore down our spirits, hurt our souls, and was physically exhausting.  But as “in health”, we climbed the infertility pit.  With each step, each procedure, our love strengthened and our souls began to heal.  I do.

“In sickness” also knocked at our door when I gave birth to a premature son.  For 57 days, our marriage became second to M’s fragile health.  Although our focus was diverted, without each other, those daily, all day hospital trips would have seemed unbearable.  In my heart, I know that our love and strength pulled our son and our marriage through those tough months.  I do.

Divorce seems to be around each corner, hitting close to home.  Love is work.  At times, a lot of work, but hard work pays off.  My advice to each new couple is remember the I do is “in sickness and in health”.  Physical, emotional, spiritual, or financial health.  I do.

At my nephew’s recent wedding reception, the DJ slowly cleared the dance floor until one last couple stood.  My aunt and uncle.  Married for 57 years strong.  Wow!  As the DJ asked my uncle his name, he struggled to pronounce his name.  My aunt, all smiles, held his hand leading him from the sparkly floor as the crowd cheered their wonderful years.  That is a testament to “in sickness and in health”.

My parents are knocking at 50 years of marriage.

I want to remember my “I do’s”, hold Art’s hand, and go to sleep next to his cheery face forever.  Through every sickness, every heartache, every moment.  I do. I do.  I do.

Together, this is our life. I do.

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  1. Wow, powerful. Tear provoking. Well done. Five minutes before reading your blog I wrote “miracle marriage” on my list of blog topics – we just celebrated 44 years.
    Great minds think alike, eh?

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