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This summer I have developed a new addiction.  Not as unhealthy as smoking or fast food, but just as tempting.  fb.  It is on my phone, tablet, laptop, everywhere.  Even in the simplest of conversations, fb springs up.  Oh did you know blah, blah, blah.  Yeah, I read it on fb!  Yikes, is this what my life has turned to?

Yes, yes it is.  Facebook is my door to the outside world.  Peaking into others lives, rejoicing with new births or joys, crying with sorrow, or just plain finding out what was for dinner in a household half a world away or right next door.  Seems intrusive, but I like it.

Being back in school puts a damper on my daily fix.  Perhaps a 12 step program is in order.

Step 1 – Think positive.  You are not missing anything by not checking fb.

Step 2 – Do a mental status update.  Yep, that’s good.  Not everyone needs to know I am blogging in my nightie.

Step 3 – Check the snail mail box.  Oh, I got an advertisement and if I “like” the business, I will receive a 25% off coupon.  Wouldn’t hurt to log on for a minute.  I mean, I made it through steps 1 and 2 without looking.

Step 4 – Back on the bandwagon.  Just a little peek, I’m okay.  Maybe I will snuggle up with my kindle for a quiet reading session.  Great book!  I could put it on Good Reads, but I log in through fb.  Okay, I can do this.  Shut it down and walk away.

Step 5 – It’s getting late and I cannot sleep.   Now for a little brain tickle, how about some Words with Friends?  Oh no, that is on facebook too.  Ugh.  12 steps down the flusher, I want my Facebook back.


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