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Of the age

We, my husband and I, are of the age that our friends are younger.  So young that when together, I get carded too.  While flattering, that just reminds me that she looks young and I do not.

In the last few months, our new-found friends have reminded us that we are no longer spring chickens.  When I say I’m an 80s girl, they remind me that while they were born in the 80s, the 90s were their playground.  It came full circle today.  Not only did I get carded with the young uns’, I also went shopping for skinny jeans.  Skinny jeans are the 80s people.  Jordache to be exact.  No Jordache at Target tonight.

I’m sporting a short crop this season.  Easy, fast, and no need to get confused on how I should wear it.  Recently, I was liking the summer “highlights”.  Little slivers of gold here and there.  Just enough to frame my face.  Then reality hit.  Those are not slivers, but silver.  Yikes.  I am of the age for these things.

My smart phone is more like a C student sitting in an AP Calculus class.   Young friend reminded me of this when she commented on blog pictures.  My 2.0 camera is no match for most of today’s phones.  Heck, my students have better phones than I do.  Later I laughed as I remembered that my first cell phone came in my senior year of college, my friend was in elementary school then.

This weekend is my 20th HS reunion.  Yes, 20th and yes that dates me.  I’m not sure that I want to go.  Who I was in HS is not who I am today.  That time was just a walk in the park compared to the last 20 years.  But, yes I’m going.  While fb keeps many of us in touch, a little face to face every 10 years is good.  At least with the class I will not get carded, may see others with a few silver strands, and others will remember that our generation created our own skinny jeans, aka penny roll jeans.

No matter the grays, the lack of latest styles, and not being in the 20s, I feel young.  Having 3 little ones keeps my heart skipping.  I guess getting carded every so often isn’t so bad.


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