To Wear or What Not to Wear


20 years already?  My  reunion is days away.  A friend and I emailed a frenzy of what?, you?, oh okay sentiments back and forth.  Not about who we would see, but more importantly, what we would wear.  Amazing what thoughts and feelings reunions will spark.

Reconnecting via facebook for the last 10 years has met my high school need and curiosity.  I labeled myself a hs “tweener”, not exactly popular nor a wall flower.  I was just there.  A former teacher recently told me that I was “a classy gal” back in the day.  He explained it as nice, not acting entitled, and easily got along with different  clicks.  Hmmm, was that me?  Sounds fair.  Probably the same thing 20 years later.  Center of attention is not my arena, I have friends from all walks of life, and perhaps I am likable.  Perhaps.  Task at hand?  Find suitable attire for who I was and who I am.

So what am I going to wear?  That is the question of the week.  In an effort to be better prepared for the main event, my closet is prepared with  A, B, and C options.  They are not marked according to weather or temps.  Not by casual or formal.  But simply, by feelings on that day.  The black dress that shows off the legs?  The blouse with the flattering neck line?  Or the new skinny jeans for style?  If only my fairy godmother would sweep in and dress me.   Spin me around, tap me with her magical wand, and send me away sporting the perfect 20 year,  “who I am” outfit.

Come Saturday this full-time mama and teacher will parade before a willing audience aka husband and kids, outfits A, B, and C.  Whichever is chosen, I hope that it represents me.  20 years.

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