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Let’s Swirl – Kalamazoo

After a recent birthday celebration at Chinn Chinn, we headed out on 94 for two of a birthday girls delights, retail therapy (Target) and ice cream.  As always, Target did not disappoint so we crossed West Main for Let’s Swirl for dessert therapy.

Let’s Swirl sits on the ever busy corner of West Main and Drake.  Upon arrival it was quick to see that frozen yogurt is on every college student’s Saturday night diet plan.  Passing through the maze of tables, you come upon the yogurt urinals.  Okay not urinals, but more like yogurt teats.  Sweet, tasty yogurt in different flavors ranging from strawberry to cake batter to chocolate covered pretzels.  Please take a minute to taste the various flavors.  Because it was yogurt and not ice cream, some of the flavors were a little more tangy than their ice cream counterparts.

Mix, go plain, whatever you want.  Next is the topping smorgasbord.  Fruit toppings, liquid flavors, and many crunchy toppings.  I choose the dark chocolate yogurt and topped it off with crushed graham crackers and mini marshmallows.  Think yogurt s’mores.  I would say that it was perfect, but unfortunately marshmallows left out all day, get crunchy.  Not what I was thinking for a s’more with soft sugar pillows.  Maybe just a thumb and 1/2, up.  The only other down side, no hot fudge!  What!?  The hubs did a fruity concoction and gave it two thumbs up.  My kids will love this place with candy, cereal, and many other sugary delights!  What I’m really in love with?  The price.  When I get a tiny bit for Mr. 2-year-old, I will not have to pay a hefty price.  Yeah!  Come on, Let’s Swirl!

Pay by ounce, bargain!

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