Old Bessie


In the first Cars movie, Radiator Springs relied on old Bessie for road paving.  Despite being banged up, she got the job done.

Our “Old Bessie” is a gold 1999 mini van.  She sports many age marks, struggles to get started each day, runs like a seasoned life time smoker, and is our miss reliable.  Her name, is Goldy.  Goldy rolled into our lives almost four years ago.  Already over the 130,000 mile marker, she came with a low price tag and a forgiving spirit.  She became our mover, storage unit, carpentry hauler, kid karter, and more.  Honestly, I’m not sure she has ever had a proper bath.  With no payment, we did not plan to part with her until the very last breath.

Over the summer, she sputtered and coughed more than usual.  Daily, she began to leak with each shutter or prolonged sitting.  It seemed, her end was near.  Luckily we purchased her from a great breeder.  One which cares about customer satisfaction and product morale.


Preparing to say goodbye, the seller picked her up (yes picked her up!) for a once over, final check.  All we want is one more winter, we cried.  Anxiously we awaited the call, the diagnosis.  The news, if we juice her up here, repair some joints there, she’ll get us through another season.  Most likely a final season.  That’s what we want.  A final winter with Goldy and her no payment beauty. They will see us through this and help us when replacement time comes.

Thank you Dipper Dave’s for breathing a little life in Goldy and our pocketbooks.  At least for a little while longer.

Small town customer service.  We’ll keep going back.  Small living perks.

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