Pinterest Day


Time keeps slipping away.  I am finding less time to blog, cook from scratch, or craftify the house.  We are also finding less and less time to clean the house, but that is little fun anyways.

So with a cold rainy day, I set about to craft up the house.  While the youngest two dozed, M and I perused Pinterest looking for easy crafts with on-hand supplies.  A few hours later, a few successes, nothing special, but a wonderful afternoon!  None of our projects look anything like the examples, but our time together was perfect.

We also picked out a few simple recipes for family cooking night!


#1 – Copper wire flowers
#2 – Decorated clothes pins
#3 – Wire line hung for art projects


#4 – Scrap paper pumpkins


#5 – F A L L scrap paper letters

English: Red Pinterest logo

English: Red Pinterest logo (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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