Gull Meadows Farm


On one of the last warm Fall days, we enjoyed a backroads color tour to Richland.  The kids excitedly chattered about pumpkins, apples, donuts, and games.  Just from the positive car ride, I knew it was going to be a great day at Gull Meadows.

The crisp autumn day smelled of new fallen leaves, Big Moes BBQ, and fresh fall air.  After purchasing our wrist bands, we spent the next few hours jumping, sliding, gliding, and laughing our way across the farm.  There was so much to offer all three of our kids.  Steer roping, a giant spider and web, petting farm, apple cannon, hay ride, zip cord, and much more.

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After our exhausting fun, lunch time!  Big Moe’s barbecue was pumping the smells and our tummies led the way.  The ribs were a perfect smoke, a nice bite, and great for the cooler day.  The pulled pork and pulled chicken were disappointing as both were swimming in sauce.  I’m a pulled pork gal, but I put my fork down and gnawed on a rib bone instead.  I know when to hold them, fold them, and walk away.

Next stop was the pumpkin patch.  After carefully choosing a sizeable orange gourd, we next went to the donut patch.  The kids deliciously chose a dozen donuts, a jug of cider, and rounded off the sweetness with kettle corn.  Our ride home was full of quiet chewing and donuty sleepy drools.  That is a successful outing.

Before the snow flies, take a color drive to Gull Meadows.

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  1. I sent the FB link to a friend of mine who has a small child from FL coming to visit. Looks like your whole fam enjoyed the day.

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