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I have never been one for trendiness.  Remember the asymmetrical hair of the 80s?  That was never me.  The closest I came was when my brother drove a Stomper truck through my long hair and mom had to cut the wheels out.  Yikes!

Teaching high schoolers gives me a lot of insight on sights I just do not understand.  Where do these trends come from?  What makes it hip?  Almost 40 and I still do not understand.  Is there a science behind it?

Trends I do not understand:

Socks with flip-flops.  I get wool socks with Berks.   That was so me in college.  In fact I wish I had a pair of Berks now!  I am talking about thong flip-flops with socks or athletic flip-flops.  Okay, I understand the need to do that while heading to or from an athletic practice or while nursing an injury, but everyday?  Sometimes with knee-high socks?  That I will not understand.

Baggy butt pants.  Why?  Why do we need to see your boxers or tightie whities?  Or what is the point of wearing boxers, shorts, and then pants, only to have 2 of 3 hang low?  Is this a style or is this laziness?  What if you have an “accident”?  Then what?  The style went from baggy all over pants with undies showing, to skinny jeans with a baggie rear.  What?  Why?  I will never understand.

Sweatshirts worn on the arms only.  Do not understand?  Imagine putting arms in a sweatshirt before pulling it over the noggin.  STOP.  Understand?  Why?  Instead, wear a long sleeve shirt instead of the skimpy top.  If arms are cold and full of goose bumps, invest in arm warmers or long sleeve shirts.  Next they try carrying books, writing papers, or typing with a sweatshirt restraint on.  Awkward!

Piercing parties.  Not familiar?  Imagine going to a friend’s house for her to pierce your belly.  In turn, yep you got it, you pierce her whatever.  Wrong, wrong, wrong.  And no, no, no.

Phone addiction.  You just talked  to your BFF or mom, why do you need to text him/her just minutes later, while in class?  When did it become okay for parents to text a kid during school hours?  Why is it the schools fault that your student was getting an education and did not immediately text back?  And yes, Miss Seventeen, you can live without your phone.  It’s called face to face time.  Try it, you will be better prepared in life than relying on your phone 24/7.  Also, do not tell me that you are falling asleep in class because you were texting at 3 in the morning.  Surely the messages were less important than knowing how to formulate a hypothesis, develop a personal narrative or learn the core democratic values.

Fake eye wear.  I know there are some pretty funkadelic spectacles out there, but why?  Will the trend change to fake hearing wear?  Will it suddenly be cool to sport sparkly imitation hearing aids?  That is a trend I would enjoy.  Perhaps it is time for me to jump on the trendy bandwagon.

Next stop fashion 101 and fake hearing aids, pants with undies attached, cell phones that magically shut off within in the school zone,  and sweatshirt arm warmers.  Trend icon, here I come!


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