Writers Block


Well, not really.  My mind is not blocked.  It contains a plethora of topics, items, and thoughts.  I have the ideas, that is not the issue.  Instead the “block”, is time.

Blogging started as a way to get a little of “me” out there.  Writing is therapeutic.  Cooking, family time, and life, are soul soothing.  But blending all together while working full time?  I need to find a happy medium.

How do I carve an hour into my life for blogging?  It is a work in progress.  Maybe that should be the title of my blog, work in progress.  Because that is truly how I see my life.  I am a mama, in progress.  Still learning about schedules, owies, family meal preparation, discipline, and everything in between.  Teacher, in progress.  Learning never ends.  Out there is the newest reading strategy, the latest technique, all waiting to be discovered.  Wife in progress.  Even after 11 years of marriage, I am learning about loving, relationships, and love.  Yes, a life in progress.

Please stay with me as I navigate the block.  As it twists and turns, this writer is still here.  Just searching for some “me” time, some blogging time.

What strategies do you have?


Bloggers: 23 Ways to Counter Writer’s Block



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  1. I have block issues too but time is not my problem. Since I’m retired I have plenty of it. My problem crops up when my idea well starts to run dry. I keep a list of things I want to write about next to my computer and scratch them off when I’m done. Right now my list is a long one but every topic has a line drawn through it.
    Then silly things pop into my head; look for an upcoming blog about Bridge Mix.

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