We Say Goodbye


Tonight on a beautiful sunny evening, we said goodbye.  A memorial of sorts.  Each drew a picture of our beloved Barney, a special tribute.  His collar along with dear Bella’s collar, we lost her 2 years ago, were carefully laid to rest under a shady tree.   The kids picked a  stone, each drew a special picture, and signed their names.  M dictated the epitaph.  Moments later after a good hug fest and cry session, M gazed over the sight through teary eyes and shook his head.  Quietly, diligently working, he gathered small stones to surround the larger tombstone.  Next he asked me to take him to the store to buy a flower.  After seeing my blank stare, he wondered if he could pick some.  Yes, of course, I replied.  As I sat in wonder, M talked me through the making of a cross.  Dinner and homework came and went, he crept outside to finish his tribute.  A stop sign to prevent people or animals from stepping on the spot.   Additional flowers.  Red fallen leaves, so he could see the spot from his upper window.  It really is beautiful.  What a lovely spot.  M picked the spot.  Under a shady tree to “watch over us”.

 Under a Shady Tree by Laurie Berkner (lyricsfree.com)

Under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me

Can you feel the breeze blow by?
Can you feel it on your face?
This is our special place.

Under a shady tree, you and me…
[ Lyrics from: http://www.lyricsfreak.com/l/laurie+berkner/under+a+shady+tree_21022969.html ]
Can you feel the soft cool grass?

Can you feel it with your toes?
We can sit here while it grows.

Under a shady tree, you and me…

If you want to close your eyes
And sleep beneath the tree
You can rest your head on me.

Under a shady tree, you and me
Under a shady tree, you and me…


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  1. Involving your children in the “good-bye” ritual is so very important. It’s healing. In a small way it will prepare them for other experiences that will surely come.

    • We know that death is inevitable. Shielding the experience will not help. This morning M said, now Barney can rest. I am not sure how he comes up with these thoughts, but by saying those words, I know that M is feeling better.

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