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Behind Hidden Doors

A couple of friends popped in tonight for a surprise visit.  It was more like a mini horror fest.  Our house resembles a post Halloween Haunted maze.  Strewn throughout are holiday decorations, wrapper bomb zones, and a weeks’s worth of school notes, papers, and art work.  Of course, as I look around, I also see the back packs and coats tossed mere inches from their cubbies.

With two in school, one potty training, and a puppy, our house often is unsettled.  And I hate it.  To my credit, when kid three came along, I learned that family often is sononomous with chaos.  But still I cringe at the state of the house.  Perhaps some yellow construction tape stating “enter at your own risk” or “”danger zone” are in order.  Better yet, “crime scene” might deter onlookers. 


1 thought on “Behind Hidden Doors”

  1. A puppy???????????????? Where are the pictures??????????????
    And don’t worry about the status of the house. Working parents with 3 young kids get tons o’ breaks in that department.

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