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Welcome Home

Our family has celebrated each birth, holiday, lost tooth, birthday, anything with a 4 legged fur family member.  For years, prior to kids, our holiday cards centered around the dogs.  Dogs in a canoe floating in a sea of snow. Bella, the beagle, “driving” the car with Barney happily along while the family tree perched on top.  When M came along, the card celebrated the trios instant bond, dogs pulling M’s winter sled.  So after Barney’s recent passing and despite 3 young kiddos, our house seemed empty.

We could never replace our intuitive, loving, protective buddy.  Are we ready?  And then the answer became clear.  M drew a picture, our “sign”.  All over the page were 4 legged friends playing under a sign, “sheltr”.  So began the talks.

Despite being wonderful fur parents for 11 years to outstanding doggie citizens, turn after turn we were turned down as future rescue parents.  Before having kids, we opened our home and fostered dogs for a local rescue agency.  Still denied.  Why?  No fenced in yard.   Never mind our doggie report card “A”.  We continued to press on.  Luckily we found a rescue willing to work together.

After a road trip to South Bend, Indiana, we found a new friend.  Seven months.  Jet black.  A ball of energy.  Nothing like the previous two.  And most importantly, the kids were in love.  Mia, as in Hamm.

Bonding on the ride home.

She is a blessing in our healing.  She retrieves for young and old.  Barney would retrieve, but only return the ball to his Alpha parents.  Mia listens and responds.  At 2, even our little R can get her to sit.  Most importantly, she loves her little people.  Within our short time together, she has learned M’s name.  Each morning I can say “go get M and E up” and off she races up the stairs.  Moments later, I hear the giggles of happy, awake children.

Welcome home Mia.

Our Mia

All 4 Animals Rescue

4 thoughts on “Welcome Home”

  1. I’m crying again!!! I’m so happy for your family and over joyed for Mia. Good for you that you didn’t get frustrated in your search and give up.

  2. How wonderful for all of you & for Mia. She sounds like a “perfect” fit for your family & I’m so happy for all of you. I wish you many happy years together!

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