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Etiquette.  Manners.  Rules.  Morals.  So many things to teach our children!  Recently our children enjoyed our high school production of “Peter Pan”.  Captivating, entertaining, and a wonderful family experience, we are still talking about the “flying”!

With going to a theatre, a relatively new experience for our 6 and 4-year-old, comes a new set, or adapted set, of rules.  Theatre etiquette.  Sure when going to a cinema theater, by all means enjoy refreshments and snacks!  Theatre, no snacks or drinks until intermission.  Something our kids did not quite get.  Gum and hard candy worked wonders in the lengthy ACT II to calm tummy rumbles and to still whiny peeps.  But how to act in a theatre seems to be a lost art or at least a missed teachable moment.

If the theatre says shut off your phone to avoid interference with the wireless sound system, do it!  How bothersome to see phone glow throughout the show.  Or comments to refrain from photography and then watch as someone repeatedly holds up an iPad to snap photos.  Respect the space you are in.  No food or drink.  Please abide.  Feet on the seats or draped across the railings, respect.

Until next time, we will continue to review all of life’s teachable moments.

Ms A’s Guide to Theatre Etiquette

Theatre Etiquette


2 thoughts on “Etiquette”

  1. I think there should be a bolder reminder about the dang cell phones and clear and concise reminders about cameras and feet placement. Jeez! Were ya born in a barn?????? Maybe so, eh?

  2. I agree w/you 100%. I guess some people think rules don’t apply to them. Very agrivating!! Glad you & Art are teaching your kids good manners. Way to go!

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