Potty Training


Really, why is it called potty training?  The only training involved is really the parents becoming trained in the ways of the child.  A more appropriate term would be potty phenomenon.  Isn’t that what it truly is?

At 32 months our oldest was daytime trained.  Our daughter, by 18 months.  When 2, she was done with diapers and pull ups.  The youngest, 29 months, is on his way to potty stardom.   Our inaugural trip out devoid of pull ups was a success.  A day later, dance class.  I pleaded for a pull up.  He demanded Lightning McQueen underwear.  He won.  Each stretch, every toe tap, I watched for the potty signs.  Visions of potty running down into the taps and puddling on the wooden floor etched in my mind, I waited.  My track shoes were ready to grab and sprint young R to the facilities.  Half way through, a silent plea of “I gotta go potty”.  Off we ran for a successful potty.  Yes!  At the end of class as I removed his tap shoes, I noticed he was wearing Lightning McQueen socks.  And the sticker on his tap shoes?  Also Lightning.  “Speed.  I am speed.”  Apparently little R was channeling the speed and made it through his first few outings sans absorbent wear.

Around home we operate on the bare bottom training plan.  Naked from the waist down, long shirt covering the bum, we usually have great success.  Rarely an accident.  Let’s face it though, bum naked kiddos running around public is not going to fly.  Otherwise we muster up a pull up, underwear, or even some old fashioned rubber pants.  Whatever works, we’ll do it.

Once, when M was almost 3, we ventured out on a rainy day to McDonald’s for a playland adventure.    A toilet nearby, no worries, right?  But what would happen if said child goes up a level or two and starts to potty?  Yes, a puddle, a few anxious parents, and a couple of red-faced ones turned our trip into a quick exit.

These latest potty quests will surely lead to a few set backs, that is the joy of the potty phenomenon.  We never know when the training will cease and a potty graduate will occur.

Any entertaining potty stories?

Potty training always involves good reading material.

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  1. I can’t think of a “potty training” story at the moment but I remember like it was yesterday when I was with Michael in an airport and he was still in diapers but walking. He also had an undiagnosed problem with dairy which raised its ugly head in the middle of a concourse. Diarrhea down both legs. Not a pretty sight. I can’t remember much after that initial “flood” so I’m sure the clean-up was horrid.

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