Thankful, In a Nutshell


As I take in the daily facebook thanksgivings, I jotted my own list.  It is short.  Very short.  Just one item.

I am thankful for Freedom.

Freedom to fall in love and marry my love, my choice.

Freedom to raise our children our way, send them to schools we choose, give them a stable household and gracious life.

Freedom to take the infertility path when parenting seemed to be a closed-door.  Around the world couples are prevented from traveling this road.

Freedom to attend a public school despite a disability.  Born years earlier and I may have been denied least restrictive environment or right to an equal education.

Freedom for my husband’s family to flee their war-torn homeland, be welcomed here, and find Freedom.

Freedom to attend college and choose my own career pathway.   Not one-handed out to me like candy at a parade.

Freedom to exercise my political beliefs safely and cast a ballot without fear.

Freedom to know that our sons and daughter will also live and flourish in a land that is learning to embrace differences in race, religion, sexual orientation, and ability level.

Freedom to share my ideas, thoughts, and opinions openly.

Freedom comes with a price paid for by many.

Thankful to be free.

Whether here or around the world, take a moment to reflect on all that shaped you and be thankful.  Good or bad, sad or mad, you are you.  Be thankful.

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