Holiday Cheer


I love the holiday season.  Shopping.  Decorating.  Baking.  I love it all.  Our annual trip to the Peterson’s Riverview Nursery, a local tree farm, set the mood for a beautiful family weekend.  Snuggled up on the wagon ride, we sang our way over the creek and through the woods.  Once out to the field, the kids ran around with shouts of “this one”, “I want this tree”, or comments of too big, too skinny, too bare.  Ultimately it came down to a triangle of trees.  One I picked, one the hubs chose, and a random third tree.  We gave the kids the choice.  Two of three chose the random tree.  With tree aboard, another energetic ride back geared us up for the free hot cocoa.

Once inside the large barn, I staked out a corner, spread out a blanket, and went to get cocoa for the younger ones.  Happily perched on their blanket and sipping cocoa, I wandered around to check out the beautiful wreaths made on the premises.  Later, I went to pay for our family tree and fun.  Upon paying, the gentleman working the register asked me, “how did you do that?”  “Do what?”, I replied.  “Get them to sit quietly.  Normally kids come in here yelling and running around.  It is not often that I see that, thank you.”  I looked back at the motley crew sitting there with cocoa beards busily chattering Christmas wish lists and I knew at that moment that I got the best dose of Holiday Cheer.

They did it and it was not rehearsed or coerced, just plain learned.  All smiles, we shared the compliment with the trio and bestowed a hearty thank you.  From The Grinch, “Maybe Christmas,” he thought, “doesn’t come from a store.  Maybe Christmas… perhaps… means a little bit more.”

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  1. I especially enjoyed the link to NCTimes, but got sidetracked for half an hour seeing what’s going on in our old stomping grounds. Did you notice the photo? And the prices? Shopping for a Christmas tree in San Diego County is nothing like shopping for one in Michigan!

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