Lights On, Lights Off

English: Energy efficient LED lights strung in...

English: Energy efficient LED lights strung into a holiday decoration. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Decorating for the Holidays revs the ole engine for the long season.   Last year, I forked out some extra dough to purchase all new outside LED lights.  My old strands were parental hand me downs.  They have been in my possession since I moved out 13 years ago.  Knowing how my dad liked to tinker and check every single light, these lights could easily be 20 years old.  Vintage.  Not crazy about the blueish LED glow I swallowed my pride and rejoiced in the energy savings.

This season, I strapped on my happy shoes and headed out to outline the house.  Less than 10 minutes into the task and the only outline was my forehead.  In anger creases!  My new fancy smancy lights were duds!  So much for the cost savings and stay-on technology!  Grrr.

Refusing to spend that kind of money on lights again, I dug out the vintage lights.  Despite some busted bulbs, all lights went on. Take that technology!


Economics of Christmas Lights

Flippin’ the switch


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  1. We’ve never decorated with outside lighting. I think we both knew it would cause a busload of swearing and that’s just not a good way to start the holidays.
    We’ll make sure to drive by after dark and appreciate your hard work.

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