Homemade Christmas


I miss my Aunt Rosie.  Growing up, I was involved in 4-H sewing, crafts, crocheting, and cake decorating.  Aunt Rosie was my guide, my sewing and crocheting encyclopedia.  She would sit and guide my hands across seams, machine, and fabric.  Then HS hit and my interest in homemade love simmered.  Shortly after graduation while vacationing with us at my lifelong favorite destination, Aunt Rosie passed away.  With her, put to rest any lingering longing for sewing.

See most of the sewing and crocheting enjoyment came from her, Aunt Rosie.   Her laughter, oh her laugh, I can still hear her spirited bellows.  She never scolded, but molded.  In my younger years, if I could dream up an outfit for a doll, she could craft it, pattern or not.  When I received a boy Cabbage Patch kid as a gift, a day later she called me to her house and had boy clothes all made up.   If I needed a break from a bothersome brother, I would skip down to her house, an easy 3 houses away, for a welcomed, calming refuge.   Our time, if not spent sewing or crocheting, was filled with cards.  Rummy, Bum Rummy, and many more.  Mickey, a fun-loving neighbor, Aunt Rosie and I could play cards all day.  Not a care in the world.  That was Aunt Rosie.

Now I long to get back into sewing, card playing, and that calming, fun time.  Aunt Rosie is not here to guide me.  If here, she and M would surely battle in cards.  Oh, her laughter would sound if she saw young R and his determination, much like she did when my niece Melissa was his age.  Instead, I am channeling her inner spirit.

For the last few weeks, I have been busy crafting homemade holiday gifts.  Much like Aunt Rosie, I fill each project with love and a strong soul.  The gifts may not be perfect or the prettiest, but I have found her voice and feel her presence.  Some days I get to enjoy the company of friend Sarah.  Much like my dear Aunt, Sarah is patient and a spirited soul.  Sometimes we talk, other times the only sound comes from the hum of machine or hiss of steam.  A calming refuge.

Aunt Rosie would be proud.  That makes my spirit bright.



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  1. Very touching piece. She’d be proud of you, by keeping up the crafting you honour her memory. The gifts in the photo look beautiful.

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