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Pinned Day

Yesterday, daughter E and I needed some post Latvian school activities.  Scrolling through my Pinterest pins, we randomly picked a few recipes and crafts using our available items.

First up, Nutella cookies.  The recipe comes from Tasty Kitchen and it can be found here.  Our cookies did not flatten out like the website picture.  Instead they stayed like little Nutella truffles.  Yum!  My only disappointment was that the recipe does not make many cookies for the cost factor (almost a whole tub of Nutella).  We used the Aldi Hazelnut spread.  All in all, tasty and easy for a 4-year-old to make!  The dough is stiff, so her petite arm bulked up.

nutella cookies

We took a break and scoured for a family project or craft.  Since I am constantly stepping on or vacuuming up Lego, a Lego village was constructed.  Thank you to Our Forever House and the great Lego ideas  Even the hubs joined the fun!

holiday lego holiday lego 2

After all that hard work, it was time for dinner.  While I made pasta bird’s nests with spinach and garlic, E manned the cutting board to make Garlic Parmesan Pull-a-part Bread.  Special credit to The Virtuous Wife for the simple recipe!  We always keep a few tubes of biscuits or crescent rolls on hand, ready for a last-minute throw down dinner.  Carefully E cut the biscuits into quarters, nice math lesson, and tossed the chunks in Parmesan and garlic.  She’s a cute little helper!

helpergarlic bitesgarlic pull breadThe Parmesan bites were like the jiggle to jello with our pasta nests.  Clean plates all around.  R and M enjoyed seconds and thirds.

Later E sat with my tablet flipping through my Pinterest boards planning our next pin-up day.


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