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Green with Envy


I’ve been bitten.  And it hurts.  I hate jealousy, but right now it stings my soul.  For almost 36 years, hearing aids and I are Thing 1 and Thing 2, inseparable.




Recently my father, a relative newbie in the hard of hearing world, purchased new hearing devices.  High end ones.   So good that he sat in the rear seat of a mini-van with two chatting kids, a radio chiming Christmas tunes, and my mom and I gabbing away…soon he piped in, “Jude (my mom), just so you know, I can hear everything that you are saying.”  What?!  I was in the front seat, closer to the action and I could not hear elements of the car ride.    In addition to the new ear “toys”, he also is benefiting from a new Assistive Listening Device  to enable him to hear the TV clearly.  Again, jealous!




The hubs and I have limited technology cell phones.  Over the holidays, our gift to each other?  New phones!  Yeah.  But I hate cell phone shopping.  Instead of just looking over the phone and discussing the technology, megapixel, 3G vs 4G, etc, I am stuck asking about M/T ratings.  And no one. ever. knows!  Also, I ask to take a call on the phones.  Most salespeople do not understand and instead act annoyed.  Ugh.  Yes, I am looking forward to an advanced cell phone technology, but am not ready for the 1/2 day process.




Someday, when the pocketbook is not busy saving for when house #1 sells or busy raising three little ones, I will splurge on new ear candy.  Until then, all I want for Christmas is two rockin‘ aids.








Hearing aid
Ear Bling!
Hearing aid (Photo credit: Soitiki)











2 thoughts on “Green with Envy”

  1. Before I worked with Deaf kids, I used to think that people who wore hearing aids would want them to be as inconspicuous as possible. When colorful ear molds came into vogue, the kids were all over them. Then brightly colored “rubbers” came out to help protect the BTE’s from sweat. The kids went bananas.
    I like the looks of these new ones, Julie. Go for it!

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