Where to begin


TV.  Radio.  Internet.  Flashes of faces.  A scan of the building.  Flowers with balloons afloat.  The heartache and devastation.

In the middle of it all, 26 souls lost.  Our oldest is 6, soon to be 7.  At the age of most of the victims.  I am a teacher in a small community.  This morning as I unlocked, opened, then relocked my door, I  took a deep breathe, turned on the lights, and shed a silent tear.  Today, I am returning to my classroom to nourish and protect young minds.  Six teachers will not be doing the same.  My heart breaks.

Where do we, as a society, go from here?  What needs to be done?

We open up lines of communication.  We make it easier for moms and families like Nancy Lanza to seek support and treatment for children and family battling mental illness.  We talk.  And then we talk some more.  No one should suffer in silence.  Let us come together, embrace our differences.

Newtown.  Hopefully a turning point in addressing what ails our society.


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  1. Those damn lines of communication. In so many respects they’re broken. Parents aren’t paying attention to the “killing” games their children are playing. Children don’t want to or can’t talk to their parents. Everyone’s busy – too busy to talk?
    Teach compassion. Teach volunteerism. All that teaching can’t just come from the teachers. Everyone needs to get involved.

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