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A Few of My Favorite Things

A Few of My Favorite Things is quite possibly my mantra.  No I do not particularly enjoy whiskers or creamy ponies, but I have other favorite things.  The order does not matter, time with my family would ultimately be first.  Just a few of life’s “things” to help me get through the day.

1.  Starbucks Refreshers raspberry pomegranate sparkling green coffee beverage – Yes a long name, but so worth every drop!  When the school year started I had a 2-3 can a day habit.  Kicked it and miss it dearly, but a can or two a week (mostly on Fridays) keeps me balanced and sane.

2.  Mio liquid water enhancer – A few squirts of this fruity goodness enables me to get my daily water intake.  I have tried other brands, but this is it.  Our local outlet store, the Grocery Outlet, has 3 packs for $5.99!  That is cheaper than the Aldi brand.  Plus, I keep one on my desk for student use.  The water

3.  Speaking of Aldi, Imagine a mother of 3 young ones going into the store for 2 weeks of groceries, spending under $100, and getting out in 30 minutes or less…yes it is possible.  Fresh veggies and meat, no which version of circle cereal discussions, and all without a mama headache.  Ahh, one of my happy places.

4.  My Kindle Fire.  Not exactly the opiate of the masses, but it gets the job done.  Read a book.  Listen to music.  Video clips.  Facebook and email.  It meets my current technological needs.  Most days it an arm’s length away.  It is kid-friendly and at its current $159 tag, a little easier to swallow if harmed when playing.

5.  Pampered Chef stones.  The best shower that I have ever attended or hosted was my Pampered Chef wedding shower.  While the consultant demonstrated products, I crafted my wish list.  Later, I welcomed gifts from the shower.  Almost every item I longed for I received!  Wonderful!  Recently, after 11 years of weekly use,  my rectangle stone cracked in 2/3 and 1/3 portions.  Rather than replace it, I continue to use the two sections.  It works for me.  I do not own a single sheet pan or cookie sheet.  It is all stone for me.

A few favorites I long for…

No not to win the lottery or a bigger this or better that, simple things.  Items or experiences to help bring a little joy or ease to life.

1. Roomba – Our short-haired puppy sheds.  With all hardwood floors, hair tumbleweeds collect in the corners, along baseboards, everywhere.  How nice it would be to turn on the Roomba and have it clear away the cobwebs and sorrows.  M has a friend that has 3 roombas!  I have 3 non-robotized roombas, but they just add to the mess.

2.  Cooking Classes – The Grand Rapids Cooking School offers many wonderful cooking classes, as does Food Dance in Kalamazoo.  I long to take a cooking class every month or two to hone my culinary love.   But young children and the ole pocketbook put a kibosh on that dream.  Instead, I will continue cooking in the school of life.

3.  Ultimately I long to hear my children’s whispers.  To be able to giggle in response to a shared secret, swim in relaxation knowing that I will hear the squeals of joy or frightened cries, or hear a joke the first time, not the fifth time at ever increasing decibels.  A Siemens waterproof hearing aid for swimming with kids.  You may want to swim with dolphins, I long to swim with sound.  When cuddling with my daughter as she whispers sweet sentiments, a ReSound Alera brings tears just thinking about its capabilities.  Hear a whisper, enjoy music, hear my child as he/she recites lines – Yes please!

Share one of your favorite things!  I love to read what gets others through their day.


2 thoughts on “A Few of My Favorite Things”

  1. I thought if I stepped away for a few hours something would come to me but besides chocolate in any form – nothing popped into my head.
    Well, unless I was going to go BIG: a 3 bedroom, 2.5 bath ranch home with a 2 car attached garage and a full basement. In that garage I’d love to see 2 really nice cars.
    I have a good shot at the chocolate stuff – the rest? Not so much.

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