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Year end thoughts

Over the last two weeks, I have tried to wrap my head around what is happening in our country and world. Where talks of guns in schools and social media threats have taken over our evening conversations of life, the Holidays, and happiness. What happened at Sandy Hook Elementary has forever changed many lives. Mine included.

So I took a blogging break.  Time away to gather my thoughts.

The week before Christmas, through the help of wonderful facebook friends, I helped 10 young ladies and 1 gentleman have a little merrier season. Nothing extravagant, simply items for a young man and women to feel a little better.  Socks, toothbrushes, body cleaning supplies, etc.  For some young teens a new shirt, a few some makeup.  It is amazing how something as simple as a pair of socks cheers a soul.  One girl came to see me one morning showing off her new socks and thanking me for lotion as the dry heat from the wood burning stove often leaves her hands red and cracked.  Still longing to help more, I met with my lunch time girls. Together they crafted scarves for themselves, moms, aunts, and other special adults. Hearing of these scarves, other students approached me about scarves for moms or friends. With limited materials, 9 additional scarves were fashioned and carried off. Sometimes a thanks. From others a smile. A few hugs. From all, a renewed sense of purpose and knowing that someone cares.  For me, I was overcome with joy, even a few tears, as these young adults wanted a piece of something to brighten a parent’s holiday or for themselves a trendy piece to proudly wear.

Sandy Hook also taught me to take the extra time in the morning to enjoy breakfast together, gather in for an extended hug, and never, never miss the moment for an extra “I love you” as I leave them to begin their day.  A rush out the door, I bet the parents of all the victims wish for one more moment.

Our 6-year-old has two classmates, school and Latvian school, battling Leukemia.  Their lives have lost a sense of innocence as they measure their days by white blood counts, blood draws, and time away from hospitals or doctor offices.  One happily showed off her new-found spelling skills, proudly spelling L-E-U-K-E-M-I-A.  The other excited to finally get back into school.  So much for little souls and families to comprehend.

As 2012 ends, my heart is heavy, my mind is full, but our family is blessed.  Blessed to be happy, healthy, and full of life.  2012, you gave us many joyful moments and as your time ends, much to contemplate in 2013.  Heres to increasing lines of open communication, more “thinking outside of yourself” moments, and time to enjoy life’s wonderful blessings.


5 thoughts on “Year end thoughts”

  1. Julie, you have expressed this so eloquently. I so admire your talent for writing, your good common sense, your wonderful parenting skills & the fact that you share this with so many. I always look forward to reading smalltownjules. Keep up the good work. God Bless & Happy New Year to you & your family.

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