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Me time

Four hours all to myself. What to do? After wandering around Target for an hour, I had perused all of the Clearance havens and was at a loss.

Liberated, no tag alongs, I knew what I had to do. I usually put it off like a root canal. Bra shopping. Sure it would seem like fun, but ugh the process is exhausting. What size? Soft or underwire? Front or back? And don’t get me started with colors. One section looked like someone threw up Fruit Stripes gum all over.

After another hour with Otto Titsling, I was in need of nourishment. So much for chilled me time.


2 thoughts on “Me time”

  1. First of all – you used “perused.” Yea, you!
    And the whole bra shopping thing. I hate it as well but usually I go someplace that will measure and do the running for me – like Macy’s.

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