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Does your family have an “interesting”, for lack of a better word, family favorite food? Perhaps like Elvis’ fried peanut butter and banana sandwich.  Our family has a family cake, the Icebox cake. It is made with dry lady fingers, layered with bitter chocolate, and topped off with fresh whip cream.  Newbies into the family are still skeptical about the Jennings family cake.  Others try to change up the recipe.  What?  No way!  It is THE cake.  Don’t mess with the cake.

A former roommate of my husband often enjoyed bacon fat sandwiches.  He kept a coffee can in the refrigerator filled with the greasy, gelatinous bacon renderings.  Pull out some dark rye bread, slather on the coffee can goo and voila breakfast.  Once, I ventured into the can, craving a pre-bar snack.  A slice of bread, a thin layer of bacon fat and for something healthy, a slice of tomato.  Hello?!  Our grandparents had it right saving the drippings!  Porky, fatty, tastiness all just there for the taking.  I know, I know.  So not healthy, but worth a few extra calories before heading off to Waldo’s for the night.

Another “odd” family snack was presented to me today.  A student has shared with me her cultural mash-ups.  She is a wonderful blend of some strong cultures.  One go-to snack that she, friends, and family enjoy is Fruit Punch Pickles.  Yes, that is right.  Fruit punch pickles.  They take a jar of dill pickles and drain off all the pickle juice.  Replace the liquid with fruit punch.  She prefers Hawaiian Punch.

Fruit Punch Pickles
Fruit Punch Pickles

Refrigerate for a day or two and enjoy!  Today the jar sat on my desk for a minute or two as I slowly swirled it around secretly wondering if it was a science experiment prank.  But I channeled my inner Andrew Zimmern and was not going to let my sissy taste buds control my longing to test the concoction.  Let’s just say I tried one.  Then two.  And another.  I am converted!  My kids are pickle nuts and will think that pink pickles are da bomb, I know what we are making this weekend.  If you enjoy a tangy, sweet & sour pickle, you may want to give the fruit punch pickles a try!

What about your family?  Have a weird family food invention?


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