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Not just for your eyes

Carrots, also good for the soul.  Recently a box of single serve carrots was donated to my class.  3 ounces of sweet crispy carrots.  100 count.  I envisioned this box lasting me a week or two.  By day 2, all gone.  The orange snacks were distributed to my class and neighboring rooms.  By the afternoon, students stopped by asking for more.  Students ate 2-3 bags a sitting!

Midway through day 2 I was running low and was slightly puzzled.  Were my students coming to school so hungry that a simple bag of veggies would be a hot commodity?  Some craved ranch to accompany the snack.  I hunted some down.  Anything to help get a little healthy treat into that body and help that fragile brain.  To an outsider, it would seem that I was dealing the opiate of the masses.  No, I was providing soul food.

Who knew that something so simple as a carrot could be so healing.  Now to track down more soul food to keep these young minds nourished.

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