Food Day


In an effort to promote independent reading, Fridays are often choice reading day.  On this Friday, one class asked if they could have a food day since they are “awesome”.  I gave in since, yes they really are great kids and because snacks and reading go hand in hand right?

Little did I know that the week leading up to food day would consist of recipe exchanges, menu planning, a sweets foodie competition, and an overall bonding over the common love for food.  How did I not know this about these students?!  If you have followed this blog for long, you know that I love eating, talking, dreaming all things decadent!   I have a new task before me, weaving a foodie lesson into the curriculum.  Recipes are full of life skills – reading, following directions, math, and measurement.  Let alone that a few of these kids baked with mom or grandma, family bonding time that is often missing the students.   For others, they are the family cook, an often thankless job, but cooking for classmates gives them a sense of pride.

Recently, dreams of starting a cooking club fill my sleep.  My vision is bi-monthly meetings.  Meeting one would be menu building, recipe researching, and budget planning.  The second meeting would be prep, cooking, and tasting.  The meals would teach affordability, but hit flavor.  Stocked up on r amen noodles?  Turn it into an asian salad or create an asian noodle bowl loaded with fresh or frozen veggies.  My concept would help them use frugal ingredients to develop flavor and feel like chefs beyond opening a can of spaghetti sauce and dumping it on noodles.  Whether I could touch one life or 10, this concept, my dream, could be life rewarding.  Until then, I long to weave in a lesson or two for my budding foodies.  Next stop Macbeth.  Elizabethan era good anyone?

Peanut butter no bakes, M&M brownies, and chocolate chip monster cookies - all homemade!

Peanut butter no bakes, M&M brownies, and chocolate chip monster cookies – all homemade!

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  1. Recipes are a huge skill builder. How much to buy? How much will it cost? The difference between powdered sugar and the other stuff? Been there, done that.
    I think it sounds like a great idea; just don’t let it turn into you doing all the running around.

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