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Sew fun

Being snowed in with three young ones makes for stir crazy parents. After 4 snow days, our craft, play-doh, snow fort sessions were exhausted. Out came a bag of fabric scraps and threads. A quick heart shape, a little patience and I was set. Miss E snuggled on my lap and guided the needle in and out. To my amazement, I only held the fabric for her little hands and she did the rest. She poked her finger a few times, that didn’t stop her. When almost finished, she stuffed it and my only contribution were the closing stitches. A heart shaped pillow for Bitty Baby. Our other projects for the day, a tutu with matching headgear, crack crackers, and homemade shrinky dinks, rounded out our snow filled weekend. 4-8 inches expected tonight, I better get planning!




2 thoughts on “Sew fun”

  1. She only poked her fingers a few times? Heck, I’m worse than that and I’ve been at it (only occasionally) for many, many years.

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