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Happy World Nutella Day!

A little known day to honor my favorite spread, World Nutella Day!


Nutella® is my go to spread.  The butter to my bread.  The yin and yang.  Crepes, only if Nutella® is smothered inside. Best ever from Tokyo Crepe in Folly Beach, SC.  There my young ones learned to love the  nutty, chocolatey stuff as much as their mama.

This summer we made Nutella® cookies.   3 ingredients to the little pillows of flavor heaven.

Nutella cookies
Nutella cookies

Another kid favorite is a split banana, Nutella®, a sprinkle of marshmallows toasted in foil over a campfire.  Dessert heaven.  But my favorite?  Nutella® on a banana.  Simple, yet delightful.  Last night, that was my snack, perfect for a night at home alone.  Little E and I also occasionally enjoy a spoon full of the creamy hazelnut yumminess.  Shhhh, don’t tell dad.  Teach them young.  Some foods are just a part of life.  You may have your ketchup, soy sauce, or Vegemite, we have our Nutella®.

How do you enjoy your Nutella®?

KeepCalm_NutellaOn-240x300World Nutella Day



1 thought on “Happy World Nutella Day!”

  1. Good God, woman – you should have put some kind of warning on this post. I have NEVER tried Nutella because I know for SURE I’ll be instantly addicted. If you’ve read my blog today, you know how quickly I fall.
    Naturally, you’ve made it sound so out-of-this-world that I’ll probably buy some when I go to the store later today.

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