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Pictures of me

Okay here it is. In the last year I do not think I have a full body photograph of me. I prefer to be Behind the Lens. I do not like the term dieting. It is more like I have some areas to improve. A little less of this and a little more of that. In many ways, this is new to me. Before and after kid 1 and 2, I got back to where I kind of wanted to be. Now I’m in a rut and do not want evidence of this time.

My get active goal and show up in pictures is in full swing. If I put it in writing, I am more accountable.

Read a photographer’s prospective here: Feeling too fat to be photographed



2 thoughts on “Pictures of me”

  1. I just re-read your self-description: full time teacher raising 3 children. That’s 2 full time jobs, missy. Fitting in an exercise program, etc. is challenging. I only had one kid and didn’t start Jazzercise until he was a young teen. Don’t worry about.

  2. I completely agree with Ellen. You’ve already talked about how stressful your evenings are, and how it’s so hard to be a good parent when there’s so much to do and keep up with. You don’t have time in your days to have an all-out exercise plan! Perhaps you could do more physical activities with your children on weekends, walk more, etc., but don’t beat yourself up over this!

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