What is love?


Our love is…

sharing family duties without arguing who does what around the house

the ability to read one’s mind and using it to shut up or share

playing effortless zone defense without uttering a word

saying thank you for the big moments (scraping the ice off the entire driveway) or small (wiping messy faces)

knowing that complimenting a hair cut, no matter how small the trim job, is important

starting the car in the morning so that my 10 minute drive is warm and toasty

knowing that a bag of pistachios and a Starbucks Refresher beats a box of chocolate

warming up my lunch at school each day

leaving the shower on so I can just hop in

watching you fall asleep while little E styles your hair saying, “shh mommy, papa’s sleeping”

Love is so much more than a diamond ring, a dozen roses.  It is the little things everyday.  I do not need a Valentine’s Day gift to know how much you love me, I have the daily, hundreds of reminders warming my heart.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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