Cheese Soup


Recently M watched a cooking program on soups. Convinced he could make cheese soup, he rounded up the ingredients as best as he could remember. I found a recipe on Pinterest that sounded like what he recalled. Together M and E shredded cheese and pulled out the necessary utensils. Did I mention that I was in giving the little guy a bath? Pure brilliance on their part.

We subbed chicken broth for white wine and left out the bacon. The kids wanted it cheesy and full of corn. That is exactly what it was! Delicious! I should put them on meal planning more often.

This is the recipe that we followed:Wisconsin Cheese Soup


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  1. Julie–it’s wonderful that you give your little ones free rein to really experience life! Notice how close that word is to “experiment”? 🙂

  2. I was going to make the soup tonight but didn’t have any corn and I’d really like to add the corn. I copied the recipe, though, and it will definitely be on the dinner/lunch table in the near future.
    Thanks for sharing.

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