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Teen Tact

Teen tact or lack there of.  Every day I am amazed at the lack of boundaries by our present teen generation. Tact is not apparently something they care about or respect.

Today I was asked if I liked my hair. Yes I responded and why do you ask. “It’s cute but really short hair is not…is not girly.” While mulling over a response, a male student chimed in that he believes all women should have long hair…it’s just the way it should be. After further discussion, a small collective group decided that my hair was okay, but that I should be open to growing it out. Can you imagine a similar conversation with a former HS teacher? I think not.

It doesn’t stop there.  Recently a student was walking down the hall during class time texting.  Since this violates our school policy, I asked her to please shutoff the phone and put it away.  Her response?  “Hold on let me finish my text.”  I waited.  And waited.  Clearly she meant finish the conversation and not merely the text.  Out of curiosity, I wondered who was on the receiving end.  “Brooke, she’s in Biology and wants me to get her out of class.”  Why?  “So she can call her boyfriend and ask him to bring her birth control at lunch.”  No, no, no.  Why would this be okay and why would you tell me?  Stunned, I again reminded her of the school rules and walked away.

And the language from these young mouths.  The conversations, the language, and the rudeness…things I would never imagine saying as a teenager, let alone to an adult.  What path are we heading down?  How and when did teenage society move to a point where questionable content and inappropriate vocabulary is allowable?  In some ways, I appreciate the more open, accepting society.  I believe that teens are increasingly more open to differences among them.  That said, I still cannot get over the tenacity and “balls” this generation has.

Yesterday the topic was my age, a different day, another teenage trip down rudeness lane.  Wherever this trip is going, I am not digging it and want to hop off.


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