Special education students continue to get short-changed. Are we going back in time? I currently have 19 Learning Disabled, Emotionally Impaired, and other high needs students in a class. These students take the same state mandated tests. Their scores often bring down the overall school average. So does it make sense to add more in a class? Will suddenly their academic needs improve due to the presence of additional students? Is this the best solution to assisting disabled students in the general curriculum or prepare them for life after high school? No, no. no. Let’s stop balancing a budget on the backs of the neediest population. Better yet, stop balancing the budget with so-called educational reform. Come in to my classroom, sit down and stay awhile. Wait, that would require an extra seat.


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Please don’t say this is school “reform.”

The state superintendent of education in Illinois wants to remove class size limits for special education.

Time to ask why the richest nation on earth can’t afford to provide a free and appropriate education for children with the greatest needs.

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  1. Julie,
    It is embarrassing to call what they are doing, ” school reform”. Wouldn’t it be nice if anyone and everyone involved in this school reform spent some time in not only special needs classrooms but any classroom in general….
    I just recently read an article about the Common Core Standards stating that out of the 130 something people on this committee, zero, none, no one has been an early elementary teacher much less have any early childhood development/ education experience. RIDICULOUS!!
    Good luck:)

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