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Not so dreadful, my treadmill

I don’t dread it, it’s how I start my day. Alarm goes off at 5:40. After a quick potty trip, I’m on the treadmill. Speed 3.3, full incline, I jog happily along. Every morning I start with a solid hour before I even see a sip of water or a drop of breakfast. That hour sets my day straight. I am ready to tackle whatever comes my way. Expected visitors, cold winter weather, not enough playtime. No problem, my serenity hour on the dreadmill calms my inner anxieties.

Later after a long day away from my family, I’m ready to greet them with so much love and give them all of my attention. But first, my body is ready for another jog. It’s like a job, just something I have to do. After another 60 minutes, dinner is calling my name. Only then do I feel truly complete.

You may think I’m crazy and maybe I am. Without my 2 one hour runs each day, I struggle to focus, calm my spirit, or feel at peace with those around me.

Am I super human? No, I am Mia, super dog.

Here I am happily awaiting my keepers to hook me up.


Ah, time to relax.



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