Easter eggs


Spring is not complete without the annual egg dying expedition. The Latvian eggs are colored using onion skins. I’ve been saving up for the last few months. The eggs are draped with a leaf or flower and then wrapped in onion skins. The results are various shades of sunset to rust. Some artistic Latvians scratch traditional symbols on the rusty hued eggs. I tried. The cramp in my hand only resulted in a primary age “saule” or sun. Stephanie at Barefoot Rose is the Queen of scratching!

Our “traditional” eggs were lovely shades of periwinkle, pea shoots, and lemons. I left the older two soaking the last two eggs in color baths. Upon return, I found eggs looking like the Easter Bunny threw up all over them. Which is ironic, because I was in the other room dealing with that from little brother.

What are your egg traditions?



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