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Cheese curd heaven

On our M-40 South route lies another small town, Gobles. The car seems to guide itself into the Gobles Grocery side lot. There is a small deli in the back, but the unassuming grocery has a secret. Jerky that rivals a Northern Irish jerky haven and cheese Wisconsin should cross the big lake for. If we lived in Gobles, I would probably grow curd toes and jerky locks from making daily stops. So if you are cruising M-40 South and see Gobles Grocery, please stop and load up on its tasty offerings.


The garlic dill curds consumed in mere minutes by the two ladies in the house left cries of more, more!


2 thoughts on “Cheese curd heaven”

  1. This is dangerous information. I have a tendency to obsess over such things. Not quite enough to purposely go to Gobles for these tidbits but will definitely stop the next time I drive though.
    I sure hope it’s soon.

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