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Cavetastic Trip, part 2

While we did not dip our toes in sandy beaches over Spring Break, we did take our feet hiking in and around Mammoth Cave National Park. For our young family, the area has much to offer. On a windy, sunny day, we ventured to Kentucky Down Under.

Our trio was excited for the animals. The price tag was a tough swallow, but we proceeded on with big hopes. In the Outback Walkabout, after much standing and waiting, the kids each petted a couple of kangaroos and an emu. The Bird Garden was filled with a small variety of beautiful birds, but was a quick walk. The first hit of the park was the Lorie area. The Lories are bright, colorful birds native to Australia. With a few drops of food, several birds were attracted to my white coat and my daughter’s pink hat. Interacting with the birds, a new experience for the kids, was impressive.

But the thrilling part of our time at KDU was our endeavor into the Onyx Cave. Onyx is a short tour filled with many wonderful formations…stalagmites, stalactites, cave popcorn, cave cauliflower, an underground lake, and even cave crickets. A few passages were narrow, especially when lugging a 2 year old, but the view was breathtaking! I would do the tour again to just spend more time discovering the formations!

On another sunny day we went to a cemetery on park grounds. M, hunted for the earliest dates. E, perused the stones for her name. Little R, hunted for rocks and sticks. It was a quiet peaceful time of reflection. The calmness of our surroundings entered our souls, serene.

With collected thoughts, we, yes everyone hiked, to another cemetery and church. The kids seemed to sense the Holy grounds and each found a zen place as the hike and reflection was still. This is what family is all about, finding peace in our busy lives.

This spring break agenda was about meeting and discovering nature. What we encountered, beyond the caves, was that our family loves hiking and unearthing new experiences. Where should we go next year? Time to start exploring options!

Sharing some of nature’s beauties with our children, priceless.














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