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It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s…

Helicopter mom!  She swoops, she hovers, she waits for the olie oops.  Independent toddler?  No, a needy mother.  Ever chasing, long time waiting, exhausted.  Silently she slips to sleep. Zzzzzzzzzzzz, only to be awakened by a peep.  A squeak.  Oh no the baby has rolled over in his sleep!  Dash away, dash away all!  Wait he is still sleeping, back to her room she tromps.  Blurry eyes, now sleepless, stare intently at the monitor screen.  Like a tiger waiting to pounce on its dinner, she waits.  Watching for when she may be needed.  Wait, what’s that?  A binkie?  Yes the binkie has fallen from the bed.  She runs like the wind, tosses open the door, and awakens the child.  Well, since he clearly needs his mommy, she crawls into the toddler bed, and falls restlessly asleep.  The next morning, they wave papa off for another day.  He is happy to be away from the madness as he does not want to fall into her trap.  Mom, exhausted, crashes on the couch.  As her son toddles away, within sight, she moans, groans and slithers off the couch to hover nearby.

He grows.  Strapped to her belt is not a cell phone but a video monitor!  The kid is happily playing with friends, tossing playful glances at mom.  She cannot take it anymore!  In she drops, turning him from new playmates, to soothe her needs.  The park playground is her fear.  What if he stumbles?  Can he reach the top?  Will he succeed without me?  What will happen next?  Will copter mom follow him to school one day?  As he sits in preschool learning to share, sing, and participate, mom sits nervously outside the window peering intently.  Oh he coughed!  What should she do?

The adventures of Helen the Helicopter Mom.  Helen, dear, Helen, please stop.  Do your child a favor, he or she will make it.  This is not about your insecurities, it is about paving the road for a successful life…for your child.  Someday your son or daughter will have a family.  Is helicopting the childhood legacy you want to pass on?  Your love, yes he knows it, do not smother him with it.   Cut the cord, let your hair down, and breathe.  Let your children live outside your range.

WikiWorld comic based on the article "Hel...
WikiWorld comic based on the article “Helicopter parent” (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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