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Potty Talk

Potty talk surrounds me. It is not my thing. And I am not talking about my 2 year old trying to call my older son a “poopy head”.

Cell phones in the restrooms. Disgusting, gross, and yucky! Answering phones while laying down track, doing their duty, or dropping a load, no, NO, NO! A phone, a toilet, yuck. Sure, wash your hands, but what about sanitizing the phone?!

Hung Up
Hung Up (Photo credit: jurvetson)

What about the person on the other end? Is she digging the fact that she can hear the plops, flushes, or grunts of her friend or neighboring toilet seaters? I do not enjoy listening to telecommunicating flushing, yes I can hear it. Everyone can.

Let’s regain some phone etiquette. Or simpler yet, join together to ban pupu phones. Next time, a person answers a phone midstream; holler, scream, aggressively grunt until the windbag gives in and hangs up. That would be fun.


4 thoughts on “Potty Talk”

  1. I think the stuff that is on people’s phones is more than likely already grosser than whatever may get on their hands in the bathroom (unless they have really bad aim or are out of TP)

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