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Road runner

I’m talking to you road runners.  No not

Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner
Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

You, who run in the road every morning with a quarter-size flashing light, I am talking to you.  Gladly I share the road, moving over to allow you ample space to jog merrily along.  However, your little, poorly placed pin light gets lost in your huffing, puffing, thrashing run.  So imagine me traveling at 50 mph on a poorly lit road and suddenly my headlights spot you.  Do not get mad at me if I cannot scoot over.  Perhaps investing in a reflector vest or better night-lighting is in order.

I created this .gif
I created this .gif (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

If not, the sidewalk, less than 10 feet away, is pothole, debris free.  Try using it.  In the early morning hours, be seen or hit the pavement, sidewalk style.

Where the Sidewalk Ends.
Where the Sidewalk Ends. (Photo credit: adrimcm)

6 thoughts on “Road runner”

  1. as a “Road-Runner” – I cannot echo your thoughts here enough. I run with reflectors, lights, and car-avoidance are all the responsibility of the runner!

  2. Well said. There’s a great deal of responsibility in running and riding in the street. Cudos for getting out there but don’t expect that everyone is watching out for you.

  3. I don’t jog in the street, but I do ride a bike in the
    street. So, from that perspective I do agree with your post. Where
    I’m at it is illegal to ride on the sidewalk, and drivers are
    supposed to give a bike the same courtesies due a car, but it is
    the cyclist’s responsibility to make his or herself visible to
    drivers. I see way too many cyclists in the early mornings and late
    evenings with those useless little pin lights you’re talking about
    and wearing dark clothes–it’s begging for trouble. Having said
    that, in my neck of the woods the biggest problems come from
    drivers reading text messages or email instead of watching the
    road, so there are dangerous habits in the car as well as from
    joggers and cyclists which need to be addressed.

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