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What to Expect

This weekend we ventured to a large indoor water park. Our 7 hour pool day was filled with all the waterpark expectations; water, splashes, tubes, and fun. What also occurred is well, a lesson in parenting. Bathing suit mishaps. Hello you are rushing down a water tube, what did you expect to happen to your dental floss top?! Oh the show provided at the surf wave! Preteen boys all around and out pops a booby! No wonder there was always a line.

Tattoos. Some are pieces of Art. Others are not. Why put a butterfly on your chest crack? Now it looks like a moth having survived a windshield crash, broken and droopy and its last leg traveling south.

In the end, I figured the price of these indoor water parks is so steep due to the entertainment value provided by other guests.
Good parenting moments. Lots of questions…


P.S. – Pictures were not provided as subjects probably would have kicked my a**!



2 thoughts on “What to Expect”

  1. Tattoo placement is something a lot of people don’t give enough thought to – that’s why I picked the outside of my lower leg. I figured, over time, it was the least likely area to sag.

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