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Teacher Appreciation Week

Yesterday, upon entering the teacher’s lounge, I noticed a large THANK U written in individual sticky notes.  Upon closer inspection I noticed the sticky notes contained thank yous to each teacher.  What a wonderful tribute to start my day.  I read through the notes, enjoying the sentiments…until I got to the end.  Not a sticky note on there for me.  Am I not worthy?  Hmm.  No, the notes were put up by Student Leaders, not a popular class for Special Education students.  But it got my wheels turning.

Some teachers seem to get passed up for a pat on the back.  Perhaps the shop teacher who took the time to harness a student’s energy so he could use the drill press without losing digits.  That student proudly showed off the coat rack he crafted.  Or the Art teacher who looked beyond the rudimentary sketches and saw a hidden gem.  The student now draws when possible to release her anxieties and frustrations.  What about the business teacher who helped a student learn to type? That student now uses a laptop to write poems and short stories.   Or the PE teacher that looked beyond a student’s size and spent a few extra minutes showing a student the correct way to lift.  Now he lifts when possible.

Education is not one size fits all, nor should the staff be.  Happy teacher’s appreciation week for ALL who grace our school buildings each day!  No matter your role, thank you for reaching a soul, educating a mind, enriching a life.

Teacher Appreciation made by a student - She is a pillar of strength, we have much to learn from her.
Teacher Appreciation made by a student – She is a pillar of strength, we have much to learn from her.

2 thoughts on “Teacher Appreciation Week”

  1. During my years working for the public ed.system I spent many, many hours in all the classrooms you just mentioned. Your words were absolutely spot on!
    There isn’t a more difficult profession to be in – teachers (and farmers) are the backbone of this country.

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